Dietary treatment: chances and limitations
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Dr. Falk Video-Report – Satellite Symposium „EoE – Recent Developments in Diagnosis & Treatment“, which took place during the ueg week 2019 in Barcelona (Spain). Dr. Alfredo J. Lucendo from Tomelloso (Spain) talked about “Dietary treatment: chances and limitations” of Eosinophilic Esophagitis.
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EoE – Recent Developments in Diagnosis & Treatment:
Dietary treatment: chances and limitations

The most important facts summarized:

  • Dietary therapy can be beneficial for a certain group of EoE-patients
  • The best results are achieved with an amino-acid-based elemental diet, which, however, is hard to follow in the long run
  • More practical is an elimination diet with the exclusion of up to six food groups
  • A targeted elimination of foods after allergy testing shows the least satisfying results
  • Dr. Lucendo recommends a step-wise and endoscopically monitored step-up elimination diet where initially two food groups are removed, followed by four or all six food groups in case of therapy failure


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