Detecting more polyps with the rearview mirror colonoscope
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Detecting more polyps with the rearview mirror colonoscope

Video report of live endoscopies performed at the Endo Club Nord 2013 in Hamburg, November 1 - 2, 2013.
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One of the most spectacular developments shown at the Endoclub Nord 2013 were new colonoscopes with an enlarged viewing angle of over 180° – almost like a rearview mirror – allow examiners to view behind the colonic folds and thus improve the quality of screening colonoscopy.

Two new different colonoscopes with such an extended field of view were presented:

The first system presented, the ‘full spectrum endoscopy’ or ‘FUSE’ system, consists of an endoscope with several LEDs at its tip to illuminate the intestinal lumen, and 3 separate video cameras with views towards the front, the left rear and the right rear. Pictures from these three video cameras are shown on separate screens.

The second system presented has a lateral optical device at the tip of the endoscope, in addition to the conventional forward viewing lens, which expands the field of view to a total of 235°. The advantage of this system is that the entire 235° field of view can be displayed on one monitor and viewed by a single investigator as usual.

However, further tests, and larger controlled studies in particular, must be awaited before these promising new endoscopic systems can be used in routine practice.

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