Colonic diverticulosis 2 (ascending colon)
Length: 00:40 Min.

Colonic diverticulosis 2 (ascending colon)

Author: Prof. em. Dr. med. S. Liebe, University Hospital Rostock, Rostock, Germany
From: Falk Media Service D34, Endoscopy Practice on Video - Selected Diseases of the Colon
2. Edition 2012. © Falk Foundation e.V. All rights reserved.

Clinical presentation
This is a 76-year-old white female patients who for several years complained of recurring pain in the right lower abdominal quadrant. The patient had otherwise always been healthy. She had been admitted several times under the suspicion of appendicitis. There was, however, never local guarding or pathological laboratory findings.

The video recording shows the cecum with Bauhin’s valve. Bauhin’s valve is remarkably large, but macroscopically without suspicion for malignant disease. In the region of the cecum and colon, there are numerous, non-inflamed diverticula. There are no inflammatory changes.    

Diverticular formation in this patient was restricted to the cecum and ascending colon. This localization of colonic diverticula is rare. The reason for disease localized to the right half of the colon is not known.

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